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AGATA Flightcase Company

AGATA Flightcase Company, founded in 1986, has launched the production of special cases for domestic and foreign transport by road and air of expensive and delicate goods.

AGATA Flightcase Company is a Polish manufacturer and exporter of portable cases for safe shipment  of visual, music, sound, medical, film and lighting equipment, and just recently for shipment of any fragile items susceptible to damage.

Legendary trunks and cases in flight case technology

Our shipping cases are designed by highly qualified engineers and design experts who thoroughly understand packaging and transport of delicate items. All our cases are fitted with latest technologies and materials – a combination that eliminates any weaknesses and ensures maximum life during difficult transit. Our cases meet all world airline standards and norms to guarantee safety and security during transportation.

Our mission is to assist in the creating of the brand image and name of our clients by providing them with high quality products.

We specialize in customer orders. We satisfy the customer’s individual demands, whether the order deals with a single item or a set of items. You only need to describe the item, its dimensions, weight and extra shipping arrangements (e.g. wheels, handles or additional latches) and our case designers will design and manufacture the case tailored to your needs. Our talented design team applies  2D and 3D software to create inventive and practical solutions to your satisfaction, regardless of the budget..

Over the years we have served important departments in Poland, such as the Ministries, the Prosecutor’s Office or the Police.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of cases Flightcase on the Polish market with clients: Toyota, Fiat, Hyundai, Opel, Volvo, Ford, IBM, Symantec, DELL, ITM Group, Radwag, ING, DWS Inwestment, American Express, AlfaStar, Inwestbud and many more that were offered  this type of solution.

We also provide cases for the market, music, stage, film, television, sport, medical, industrial and military areas. Flightcase chests can be seen in the programme Voice of Poland. Our shipping cases are used by the Weapon Factory Łucznik in Radom; Radwag, being one of the leading in Europe, Polish manufacturers of electronic weighing instruments; International Tobacco Machinery, an international producer of tobacco devices, Copernicus Science Centre or the Fryderyk Chopin Institute.

Quality and peace for all your life!

Our engineering department devotes a lot of our time and attention to AGATA cases during laboratory testing and while verifying their properties in practice, before these reach you.

In the production process we apply high standard materials and advanced technologies while  carefully selecting our suppliers.

If you are not convinced you as to the quality of our products, these shall be backed by our LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

For details go to: Lifetime Guarantee



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Our mission

Our mission is to assist in the creating of the brand image and name of our clients by providing them with high quality products.

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