Lifetime Warranty

Terms and regulations

AGATA proclaims that all AGATA cases are a combination of supreme materials and components with best quality workmanship, thus ensuring their supreme efficiency and durability.

For this reason, all AGATA products are covered by Lifetime Warranty, and any defects of materials or elements and of  workmanship, are also fully covered.

If the product does not fully satisfy you, for defects of workmanship or poor quality of  materials and elements, repairs shall be made free of charge. Should repairs be impossible or for practical reasons be abandoned, the defective item will be exchanged for the same or similar (the offer is valid, subject to good’s availability).

Should the purchased product be damaged by natural use, uncontrollable forces or negligence, it can be repaired at a reasonable price.

AGATA Lifetime Warranty can be applied, provided the product is used as assigned. 

The AGATA Lifetime Warranty does not include natural use, however we shall attempt repairs of used elements to reasonable extent , at a reasonable price.

Damages of AGATA products caused by negligence or misuse are not covered by AGATA Lifetime Warranty. However, should such occur, we shall repair them at a reasonable price.

Changes or modification to products invalidate the Lifetime Warranty.

AGATA Lifetime Warranty is solely limited to product repair or subsequently to its exchange. AGATA  is not held responsible for any indirect loss or damage.

Any defect of material or manufacture disclosed during Lifetime Warranty, appearing under normal use, should be immediately notified to the manufacturer.

A  copy of the purchase document  (receipt, invoice) should be submitted to the office by registered mail, fax + 48 48 320-22-70 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This warranty on sold goods does not exclude, limit or suspend any client’s rights resulting from non-conformity of the product to the contract.





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